One of our main focuses at A Light of Hope is the women of Haiti, specifically the women of Montrouis and Mt Kapyat. Women in Haiti have very little respect or value. Our heart and passion is to come alongside these precious women and teach them more about God while at the same time publishing bible study curriculum that is geared for women in their native language, Creole. They will be taught and encouraged to continue meeting as a group of women to work through these studies on their own without any foreigner. 

That is the hope in all that we put our hands to. That we will strengthen family units and teach them sustainable ways so that we can walk away knowing the family will not just survive but thrive!

There are projects we’ll be working on like a Goat Program and an Agricultural Program using vertical gardens. Check our Projects tab for more information or keep checking in with our blog for more updates. 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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