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Hello friends! Wow is all we can say. God has provided in so many ways in these past months! The garage sale was a great success and we have more dine to donate event coming up. Every fundraising opportunity creates an opportunity to partner with our Haiti family and offers the opportunity to change lives and that is what we are about. These events also create a chance for you to partner with us too! You can be a part of all that God is doing. 

 In March the board of directors traveled to Haiti to dream, plan and engage. This team was very busy and God opened some amazing and unexpected doors. We will be starting a regular bible study leadership training for women who want to start bible studies in their own communities. There are women that desire the learning and connection that comes through bible studies. We were also able to help start three more bible studies with two more getting ready to start.

The team also met with Canaan Christian (a Haitian run organization in Montrouis) Check them out at: We talked with them about starting a discipleship training center with them. These opportunities just amaze us! We also picked up our first ALOH bible studies in creole from the Haitian run printer/publisher in Port-au-Prince.

    * Goat update! We visited the families in Mt Kapyatt who are part of the goat ministry and found all of the goats healthy and quite a few that are pregnant.

Looking Ahead

God has made it very clear that we are to start a Women’s Discipleship training center in Montrouis. We will do this by partnering with Ebenezer Discipleship who currently has a training center in Petit Goave. Learn more about them at Not only will women be doing a discipleship leader training for three months, they also will be learning a skill set that will help them to be able to sustainably support their families. We have been GIVEN a building space that is already equipped to handle a three month discipleship training. No rent, no fees! This building is for ALOH to use for our ministry work! What a huge blessing this is, thanks to our partnership with Canaan Christian.

**We have huge financial needs going forward to get the training center up and running. We are in desperate need of partners who can come alongside and be a part of this exciting growth for our ministry.

More Than We Dreamed

Everything that is happening is because of God, truly because of Him. Our dream at this point was to have a bible study or two started in Montrouis. Then God laughed and said “ How about this instead? How about six months into the ministry there will be SIX bible studies started, two creole bible study books printed and a Women’s Discipleship training center in the works. Oh and don’t worry, I will provide the space for all of this happen?” Ok God, we will follow not knowing how in the world this will be financed. But our God is good and HE IS FAITHFUL. This is all because of Him, not at all because of our doing!


The ALOH Team


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