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Whew! It has been a crazy and amazing few months! God is doing more than we ever could have dreamed. So much growth has been going on…the women’s bible studies, the goat program and our vision for the Women’s Discipleship Leadership Training Center.
The discipleship leadership training will be an intense, three -month training class. The women come to a location to stay to learn and live together Monday through Thursday then if they can, go home on the weekends. The women that want to go through this process are hungry to learn how to become a disciple and to lead others.

The eight women who come to the training center will be learning how to be a missionary in their own country. Not only will they learn how to be a disciple and disciple others, these women will also learn home gardening, proper goat farming and business management.

On a varying basis the women will also learn how to make goods such as soap and candles. Haitian Harvest will buy these goods and sell them. The women will be learning a trade and making the profit from the sales. We want to see the cycle of foreign aid broken in Haiti. The Haitian people are more than capable and do not need to rely on a handout. This will just give them the opportunity to tap into how God created them, beautiful and able, and give them the chance to create income for themselves.

There is nothing like this in Haiti. Women are not held in high regard, often not seen as worthy of learning more and diving deeper into God’s word. This training center will give women the opportunity to be taught to understand the bible and question for themselves. These women will then go home and disciple other women, who in turn will disciple others. The impact this program will have could be endless.
In order to potentially launch the training center in September 2018, it will require $4,ooo per month. This will cover food, electricity, transportation and any others needs that come with room and board. This number seems huge, almost unattainable, but we have asked God for big things before and he has done more than we could imagine.

We would love for you to join us in praying over this cost, for provision and that God would, even now, prepare the hearts of those eight women who will join this Discipleship Leadership Training Center, and above all, that God would get the glory.

“God can do anything, you know- far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams.” Ephesians 3:20 (MSG)

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