One of our goals at A Light of Hope, is to help create opportunities for sustainability within families in Haiti.  We are hoping to do this through our Goat Farming Program. 

Through this program we will purchase goats, with your donations, for selected families in the community of Mt. Kapyat.   The families that receive these goats will be educated in caring for and breeding their goat.  The first female goat produced from each family will be given back to ALOH so that it can in turn be given to another family to start the process.  The other goats that they breed can be sold at the market to help support their family.  The goal is that their goat will continue to be a source of value and income on an ongoing basis.  If this is done correctly, the effect of the goat program will be far reaching and will bless generations to come.

The families receiving these goats and getting the much needed education in goat breeding is because of YOU and your donations to this project.  YOU have created long term sustainability for a family and these families can turn from a mindset of survival to thriving.

If you would like to donate a goat to a deserving family so they can start the goat farming which will provide long term sustainability for this family, please contact A Light of Hope at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


**To date, 12 families have started this program.  Our goal is to equip 100 families in Mt. Kapyat.

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