The women of Haiti are precious to us and are the heart of their family.  At A Light of Hope, we have a vision to bring the word of God to these women through bible studies.

These studies are written specifically for the women of Haiti. The goal is to create studies that can be lead and utilized right in the community. We want to jumpstart conversations and learning experiences for the women to learn more about God, themselves and each other. 

One need that has become very apparent to ALOH in Haiti is the lack of resources available for these women to have bible study together.  At ALOH we will be publishing women’s bible studies in their native language, creole.  These will be given to the women we minister to, so they can study together on a long term basis.  Each woman will also be equipped with a bible, whether it is a solar powered talking bible, or the written word of God in creole.


If you would like to donate so we can publish these vital bible studies, please contact A Light of Hope at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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