Bible Study Leadership Ministry

One of the greatest needs for women in Haiti is having the resources to encourage them into a deeper relationship with their Heavenly Father. There are not many churches that give women the opportunity to seek His word on an intimate level. Women have shared how much they desire to know more, to see more, and to feel more of God’s presence. Between the lack of resources and their Pastors only “spoon-feeding” them the Word, they live each day with a spiritual starvation. This is NOT OK! This needs to be changed. Since ALOH has started producing Bible studies 2 years ago, there have been 3 Bible studies written and published in their native language. The goal is to create studies that can be lead and utilized right in the community.

Word has spread like wildfire that these resources have become available and the demand has been overwhelming. Through a 3-day indigenous leadership training and provided resources, women can go back to their community and church to start a women’s bible study.  $350.00 sets up a community or church into a deeper, spiritually fed relationship with Christ.

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Women’s Discipleship Training Center

The vision of the WDTC is to spiritually equip and train indigenous leaders to go out into their communities and disciple others.  Our prayer is that through the 3 month course, they will take what they learn spiritually through discipleship training, and physically through skill set training, and teach others.  Haitians discipling Haitians.  It has been proven that the impact of Haitians teaching Haitians is much more productive than foreigners teaching Haitians.  The training center is completely directed, taught and led by Haitians.

The monthly budget for the training center is $2,000. If you would like to contribute supporting the budget, please click Donate Now!   

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Goat Farming Ministry

One of our goals at A Light of Hope, is to help create opportunities for sustainability within families in Haiti. We are hoping to do this through our Goat Farming Program. 

Through this program we will purchase goats, with your donations, for selected families in the community of Mt. Kapyat.   The families that receive these goats will be educated in caring for and breeding their goat.  The first female goat produced from each family will be given back to ALOH so that it can in turn be given to another family to start the process.  The other goats that they breed can be sold at the market to help support their family. The goal is that their goat will continue to be a source of value and income on an ongoing basis.  If this is done correctly, the effect of the goat program will be far reaching and will bless generations to come.

The families receiving these goats and getting the much needed education in goat breeding is because of YOU and your donations to this project.  YOU have created long term sustainability for a family and these families can turn from a mindset of survival to thriving.

One goat costs $50 and will provide for generations!

**To date, 30 families have started this program.  Our goal is to equip 100 families in Mt. Kapyat with goats!

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