In Country Directors

Gaman Fable Reno


ALOH Field Director

Gaman and his four brothers and five sisters have been without their parents since he was 20 years old. His life has brought him to the point where working with others at the Kapyat Mountain bible study is among his favorite things to do, next to driving the taptap that is. This and his faithfulness to the Lord are what make him a perfect fit for Field Director.

"I want to serve as Field Director in Haiti with A Light of Hope because it’s very important for me to serve people and I really like to do it. The people are very happy to receive ALOH too. As I continue to serve I hope God will be very happy about that.”

Dieula Laguerre


Women’s Ministry Director 

Dieula Laguerre knew she was called to be a missionary at a young age. She learned what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ through the youth leader at her church. Her eyes were opened to how most churches in Haiti do not know how to disciple or teach discipleship. She realized there were no resources for Haitians to be taught on discipleship; especially for women. She wanted to start discipleship training with women in her own country. Her dream became a reality when God allowed Dieula’s path to cross with A Light of Hope and become the Women’s Ministry Director.

Dieula lives and supports her siblings in Haiti.

Meet Our Board Members

Marcie Bergstrom



Marcie Bergstrom is the founder of “A Light of Hope”. She first travelled to Haiti in 2009 on a visionary trip and immediately fell in love with the people and culture. Since then she has worked in Haiti through numerous mission trips and ministry partners and continues to help support those in need. She created “A Light of Hope” to reach women and children in impoverished cities in Haiti. In many of these cities, spiritual resources are scarce. A Light of Hope is working to eliminate this need by publishing women’s bibles studies in creole and supplying women and their families with these bible studies to help them dig deeper into God’s word and grow spiritually. Her vision is to help teach these families to live sustainably through ALOH’s various ministries while creating an atmosphere where there is zero dependency on A Light of Hope.  

Lori Metcalfe


Partnership Director

 Lori Metcalfe fell in love with Haiti in 1984, where she served as a bookkeeper at Quisqueya Christian school. Since then God has brought her to Mexico where she worked at a children’s home with her two sons and later to Ethiopia to meet her sponsored boy.  In 2019, Lori went back to Haiti with ALOH which rekindled her passion and love for Haiti and its people. Feeling inspired by ALOH’s mission to encourage Haitian women to become disciples of Jesus Christ, she happily took on the role of Partnership Director.  

Ruth Donahue


 Director of Finance 

Ruth Donahue is a grandmother, mother and a wife to an amazingly supportive husband.   She stepped out in faith in 2010 onto Haitian soil and fell in love with the country and the people of Haiti.  Since then, she has been serving in Haiti; learning the culture and celebrating God with what he is doing with women's ministry.  God has blessed her with an amazing opportunity to be a part of A Light of Hope. 

Ashley Miller


Communications Director

Ashley Miller has a passion for all things people related. Although she is an introvert she loves connecting with others.  She found God pushing her out of her shell in 2017 when she went with a church group to Ethiopia where she met their sponsored children. During this time strong relationships were built. She continues supporting the partnership in Ethiopia as the Sponsorship Coordinator. God continued to press on her heart to keep learning, growing, and sharing with others. In 2019 Ashley took her first trip to Haiti to learn more about ALOH as well as Haiti. Again, God blessed her with even more relationships. As a graduate with a marketing degree from Cornerstone University, she is now excited to be able to put that degree to work as the Communications Director for ALOH. 

Ministry Partners


Acts 2:44-47 (NIV)

All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved. 

Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center


At first glance, the name “Ebenezer Discipleship Training Center” may seem a little strange. In fact, those who hear it for the first time often have a perplexed look on their face. However, when the testimony is heard of how God is providing for this ministry, it becomes clear that there is a lot of meaning in the name. If you travel to Haiti, the condition of the country instantly grabs you. The poverty, the living conditions, the sick and hurting people, and the immoral condition of those outside AND inside the church is right out in the open. Voodoo and many other mixed religions have turned the name of Jesus into more of a good luck charm instead of the One Name by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12).

In working with the pastors in Haiti, we found many who have passion for the gospel yet few who grasp even simple theology. Pastors are often at odds with each other instead of being united in Jesus Christ. In 2008, a vision was born. If we could train pastors in basic theology and in the common language of Creole (most seminaries in the country are taught in French), then we could raise up an army of native missionaries that could bear much more fruit than their foreign counterparts. This vision was shared with 70 pastors at a training session. After much weeping and praying, they shared that no one had ever told them that they were responsible for the gospel in Haiti! They were so excited and we knew that we were in God’s will. The facility was the biggest obstacle as it would cost between $200,000 and $300,000 to purchase property. Something that seemed impossible, God made possible! At the same time the Lord gave the vision of the discipleship training center to the founder, He laid this same passion on the heart of a Haitian woman named Gladys, whose father was a major church planter for Ebenezer churches in Haiti. Since her father’s passing, she had been discerning what to do with some property he left behind. God brought these two people together through a mutual friend of both. Gladys donated the property and its buildings to Ebenezer DTC.

As we thought about a name, we researched what Ebenezer meant. The answer is in I Samuel 7. It was a time when Israel had turned away from the Lord and the country was in disarray. The people realized that they needed God and that they would not survive without Him, so they asked Samuel to offer a sacrifice on their behalf. As they gathered for the sacrifice, the Philistines came against them. The Israelites were afraid and cried out to the Lord. As they did, God threw the Philistines into chaos and they were defeated by God. Samuel then held out a stone and called it “Ebenezer”, the stone of help, because the Lord had brought them this far. We believe this is still true today. Ebenezer stands as a testament to God’s faithfulness, and we believe that if the people of Haiti turn back to the Lord, the country can be saved. We believe this will happen from the inside out through Christian leaders who know the culture, language, and how to refute voodoo and other heresies within the country. God has brought us this far, and He will be with us in the future.

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