This is not a sponsorship, but a partnership....

*This is not a sponsorship, but a partnership to change the cultural trajectory for women in Haiti by empowering them to thrive (not just survive) and embolden them to be on fire for God while creating disciples in their community. 
The monthly budget to run the training center is $2500.00  If we had 50 partners at $50 a month, this budget could be met and class could be held year round.
A partnership of $50 a month will provide discipleship training to women who are longing to be indigenous missionaries. It has been proven that the impact of Haitians teaching Haitians is much more productive than foreigners teaching Haitians.  The training center is completely directed, taught and led by Haitians.  
Would you be willing to be a partner?  You can start a partnership below!


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